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I'm currently working on a major edit on the book which will add another 50 or so pages. More new information and pictures with new facts not previously known. Hopefully available in the Autumn.

There are 4 editions of this book and I've been asked by several people what the differences are, so for those of you who want to know.........

FIRST EDITION. Only 15 printed as there was a printing error which resulted in a paragraph of text that went missing.

SECOND EDITION. Identical to 1st edition but with the print error corrected. Several copies printed.

THIRD EDITION. Corrections and improvements following feedback from fellow Zed enthusiasts. Several copies printed.

FOURTH EDITION. 35 copies printed so as to fulfill an obligation. I took the opportunity to add another chapter on 'Part Label' convention.

I am considering a Limited Edition hardback book which will contain an extra 20 or so pages covering the history of the Z2 and Z1P with plenty of detail photographs. If I get enough feedback (say 50 enquiries). I'd probably do a Limited run of 50 copies at £50 each. Probably wouldn't be for a year or so, but email me if interested.

Thanks - John Brookes


This book (images below) has been the accumulation of about 30 years of gathering information from some very learned enthusiasts, Z1 web forums and myself having to dig for information previously unknown (particularly for the Z2).


My original intention was to just get the facts and some basic photographs so I would know what to look for when sourcing NOS parts for my restorations, but as the information grew, it developed into a kind of ‘hybrid’ parts book.


It has taken three years to eventually compile all this information, gather nearly 500 pictures and if you look closely, amend several of the original Kawasaki exploded diagrams, to reflect reality.


The problem with this type of publication is how factual the information is? I know there will be readers who will be saying to themselves “that’s not right” etc. I have read so much contradictory evidence about some things that I have had to make a judgement call on what I think is the most likely fact to be correct. There may well be other facts that are just plain wrong!

I welcome all feedback on how things could be improved or where there are errors.


This book covers the following models:


May 1972 to July 1973 model Z1 900cc (Z1F00001 to Z1F20000) USA and European specification


January 1973 to October 1973 model Z2 750cc (Z2F00026 to Z2F03687) Japan specification




Chapter 1 gives photographic information on date coding practices during the 1970’s


Chapter 2 provides information on Kawasaki hardware codes


The remainder of the book gives comprehensive exploded diagrams, parts lists and nearly 500 pictures for all the major parts fitted on all the Z1 & Z2 motorcycles listed in the range above


PRICE: £29 (through this page) or £35 (through ebay)




You have 2 options as below. Price is for 1 book. If you require more, please email me.


Option 1 (sent tracked / signed for)

UK £4.20

European Union £11.20

USA & Japan £14.60

Rest of the World £15.40


Option 2 (sent untracked). If your book goes missing, DON’T COMPLAIN! I’m not in the business of ripping off people. If I say I sent it then I sent it. I will get proof of posting if you ask for it at time of purchase.

UK £3.10

European Union £7.20

USA & Japan £10.80

Rest of the World £11.50


To order, please email: z2.john@yahoo.co.uk with your paypal email address, where you are located and your shipping option 1 or 2. I will then send you a paypal request for the total.