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5th Edition now available. I have spent the past year improving the content and correcting the odd error or two that have been brought to my attention.

Book is 30% bigger with another 45 pages of new material.  More information and pictures with new facts not previously known.

OK.....prices as follows (+ shipping to your country)

For new buyers who have not bought from me before.....£35

Buyers who have previously bought Edition 1-4 through me (not Z-Power).....£30 

I have tried a cheaper printer who can print the books for less than my usual supplier but the quality reflects the lower price. The content is identical.

 It is actually not that bad. I can sell those for £25. I have low stock of these but if there appears to be a demand for the cheaper option, I will print more.

I ship at cost price to me. I will ship by your preferred option so please get a guide price for your country at http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder

I will need to know quantity required, shipping Country and if you prefer tracked or untracked shipping. I always obtain proof of posting to your address so I cannot refund for any untracked "lost in transit" items.


To order, please email: [email protected] with your paypal email address, where you are located and your shipping preference. I will then send you a paypal request for the total


For general interest, there are 4 editions of this book and I've been asked by several people what the differences are, so for those of you who want to know.....

FIRST EDITION. Only 15 printed as there was a printing error which resulted in a paragraph of text that went missing.

SECOND EDITION. Identical to 1st edition but with the print error corrected. Several copies printed.

THIRD EDITION. Corrections and improvements following feedback from fellow Zed enthusiasts. Several copies printed.

FOURTH EDITION. 35 copies printed so as to fulfill an obligation. I took the opportunity to add another chapter on 'Part Label' convention.

Thanks - John Brookes

By the way, this book only covers the following models:


May 1972 to July 1973 model Z1 900cc (Z1F00001 to Z1F20000) USA and European specification


January 1973 to October 1973 model Z2 750cc (Z2F00026 to Z2F03687) Japan specification